Corporate Support

We work with firms and organisations across the United Kingdom to assist us in our mission to create a fairer, more accessible and more efficient justice system.

Our Corporate Members are hugely important to JUSTICE, sharing our passion for a fairer and more accessible legal system. The annual support of our Corporate Members provides us with sustainable funding, allowing us to respond to the needs of the justice system quickly and succinctly.

Corporate Members assist our Policy team on research & scoping work and represent us in our third-party interventions.

With the help of our Corporate JUSTICE60 members, we are able to work flexibly and pragmatically, ensuring that our resources are used strategically to generate change.

Over three years, JUSTICE60 Corporate members commit to a yearly donation of £10,000 over three years. As a member, you will receive access to exclusive events with other members of The JUSTICE60, including some of the most prominent professionals in the judiciary, Westminster, Whitehall and across the legal sector.

Becoming a Corporate Partner of a Working Party is the perfect opportunity to work closely with our policy team and make a significant impact on the UK’s legal system through our work.

At least one partner from a Corporate Partner will sit on the Working Party. In this role, you will contribute to the identification of issues and solutions. You are also ideally placed to suggest comparative research on areas of the law fundamental to the Working Party challenge, undertake the research with a team of lawyers in their firm and play a role in generating how this research is applied.

Being a member of a Working Party provides a unique opportunity for professional development, and a chance to work alongside experts from across the legal world.

This role spans the length of a Working Party (up to one year) and includes a financial contribution to enable JUSTICE staff to lead the project; if you would like to find out more, please email Jane Collier, Interim Director of Development.