Sapna Reheem Shaila

Strategy Fellow

Sapna joined JUSTICE as a Strategy Fellow in July 2020 and she will be assisting JUSTICE Director and the Board on elaborating the next four-year strategy for the organisation. Before joining JUSTICE, Sapna was a teaching fellow in Tort law at UCL and KCL. She is also a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. Sapna has also worked as a research assistance at Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, and Minority Rights Group International in the past.

Sapna completed her BA/LLB Hons (first class) from NALSAR University of Law, India. After her graduation which she joined as a legal officer at the Centre for Good Governance advising state governments in India on the rule of law and governance-related issues. She is qualified as a lawyer in India (now non-practising). In 2014, Sapna received the William Ross Murray scholarship to pursue LLM (Law, Development and Governance) at SOAS. She graduated with a Distinction and was awarded the Best Performing Student for the specialism.  In 2016, she received the Dickson Poon funding to pursue her PhD in Law at King’s College London. Sapna’s research interests lie at the intersection of sociology, comparative law and development. She is currently finishing up her thesis in which she explains how transnational engagements influence the adaptation of rule of law norms in diverse societies. Sapna’s research findings draw from her fieldwork in East Timor.

Sapna enjoys hiking and reading. She identifies as a “fiction writer- under construction.” She says stones have been gathered but she is still looking for a good sturdy plot!