About The JUSTICE60

The JUSTICE60 is a visionary giving circle of individuals and corporations who are committed to supporting our work by making an annual contribution. Individuals commit to donation of £6,000 each year for three years, and corporations to £10,000 for the same period. Founded in 2016 the JUSTICE60 have transformed the way JUSTICE works by providing sustainable funding for our core costs. 

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“FRA are proud to sponsor JUSTICE who, for the last 60 years, have been at the forefront of discourse around the legal issues that have defined our legal landscape. Without organisations like JUSTICE, working hard to make changes for the benefit of others, our legal system would arguably not be as highly respected as it is today,” Toby Duthie, FRA Founding Partner

Set up your Direct Debit payment scheme to join The JUSTICE60 below.

For more information, please contact Amanda Miller at amiller@justice.org.uk or by telephone on 020 7762 6427.



Joining The JUSTICE60 gives you:

  • A unique opportunity to be part of an exclusive networking group that makes a transformative contribution the justice system in the UK.
  • Access to exclusive events that provide networking opportunities with other members of The JUSTICE60, including some of the most prominent professionals in the judiciary, Westminster, Whitehall and across the legal sector;
  • Personal recognition on the “Wall of Thanks” to be displayed at JUSTICE’s refurbished offices. Also in the JUSTICE Annual Review, website and member newsletter.
  • Annual update on how your support is making an impact on JUSTICE’s work and helping to transform the justice system.
  • The opportunity to get close to JUSTICE’s work through visits to our offices and volunteering opportunities.