Working Parties FAQ

JUSTICE uses the unrivalled professional and cross-party expertise of our membership to make up working parties which guide and support particular JUSTICE projects. Throughout our history we have used such working parties – which have been responsible for some of our most influential and significant reports – in order to enable us to draw, as fully as possible, upon our members’ vast range of expertise and experience.

How does a JUSTICE working party run?


We research areas of the law that we find to be antiquated, ineffective and unfair, and identify those we believe that we could make strategic recommendations for change in.

This begins six months before the first meeting and considers work from previous JUSTICE reports.

Call for nominations

After we announce the Chair and topic, JUSTICE members can submit themselves as candidates for the working party.

Research & Analysis

Over the course of the year, our working party members work on best practices from other jurisdictions, speak to experts in the field

Debate and Discussion



We work with experts in the legal profession, Parliament and other organisations to implement the recommendations in our reports